F O O T   &   A N K L E


-    Achilles tendonitis

-    Ankle fractures

-    Arthritis

-    Bunions

-    Contusion and lacerations

-    Corns and calluses

-    Diabetic foot care and ulcers

-    Flat feet

-    Routine foot care and sports injuries

There are many common foot conditions and ailments that people just like you suffer needlessly with. At Queen Creek Foot & Ankle, we can help relieve the pain you’re experiencing with the proper treatments.


Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable staff about your foot health and let’s get started on giving you some relief. You deserve to feel better.

Be proactive with the care of your feet

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Let us take care of your foot health issues

-    Foot and ankle injuries

-    Foot deformities

-    Fungal toenails

-    Gout

-    Hammertoes

-    Heel pain and heel spurs

-    Plantar fasciitis

-    Peripheral Neuropathy

-    Sprains, strains, and fractures

Get the best care for your feet today

You can come to us for a variety of procedures that we perform. Come see us for help with bone spurs, Bunion correction, diabetic foot care, flat foot correction, foot deformities, hammertoe correction, ingrown toenail surgery and treatment, removal of plantar warts and many more. Give our office a call today to discuss your need for a special procedure.


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