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One thing you may not realize about diabetes is that it affects your entire body, including your legs and feet. The most common issue with diabetes is neuropathy, and you can have foot injuries that go unnoticed because of the lack of feeling.


It is important to check your feet regularly to make sure everything is okay. Call us today for a same day or next day appointment.


At Queen Creek Foot & Ankle, we know that every patient is different and that our approach to treatment has to be unique. You can call us and discuss what your ideal options are for you.


There are many options in treatment ranging from conservative care to surgical care. We provide you with the best solution for your individual needs. Call for an appointment.

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Don't let diabetes cause you to suffer

-    Medicines and surgical options

-    Heel pain and flat feet treatment

-    Fungal and ingrown toenail care

-    Bunion, hammer toes and wart care

-    Wound care

-    Diabetic foot care

-    And more

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You can get relief from foot pain with proper care and treatment. Your feet are an important part of your body, controlling motions such as walking and standing. You don’t need to suffer endlessly with foot pain. Call Queen Creek Foot & Ankle to discuss your pain relief options.  


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